What is Hemp? The Perfect Food!

Along with its other many uses hemp should be a part of your daily diet regimen in your quest for longevity and great healthy living. It comes in seeds, powders and oils which make it very easy to consume in our normal day to day eating plan.

Why? Because first of all, it is the most nutritious and easily digested food on earth. It is the only source of essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. High levels of protein, good fats, carbs, fiber, vitamins and trace elements make it perfect nutrition. The leaves and seeds are GLUTEN FREE!

Some important benefits include: improving dry skin and scalp conditions, helps with PMS and cramps, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduces symptoms of arthritis, improves immunity, reduces inflammation, improves cardiovascular function and circulation, provides energy and it excellent for brain health.

We should support the growing of the crop here in the US. It would bring about many jobs and boost our economy in so many levels. Hemp yields 10 tons per acre and can be grown without or very little pesticides and herbicides.

I love the seeds eaten right out of the bag. They have a mild sweet nutty flavor. I sprinkle them on salads, ice cream, in yogurt and cereals, blend them in smoothies and also make candy and use them in most of my sauces for pasta. The powder can be used in any flavor protein drink, smoothie and also blended in sauces and oatmeal.

Hemp is also used for clothing (3 times the strength of cotton), plastics (without the use of petroleum), fuel and energy.

My favorite source for high quality hemp eatable products provider is:


…and stay tuned for many great resources as I do all the research necessary to bring the best to you .


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